PEMF Sessions 101: What to Expect

Every PEMF session is customized based on each individual’s needs. We utilize the full body mat, along with localized spot application, small-scale application, and red light therapy for skin if needed. Expect your first session to run up to an hour as we gather information to understand your needs. Our goal is to help you get the most out of each session so you can see improvements in your overall health.

Before each session, we ask our clients to drink a glass of filtered water within 30 minutes before the PEMF session. This ensures that your cells are well hydrated and able to function correctly, encouraging the necessary cellular waste disposal to occur during the session.

Please refrain from drinking tap water as this introduces heavy metals and harmful toxins into the body. We provide filtered water during each session free of charge. We also offer Hydrogen Water to purchase online or during the session. Hydrogen Water is proven to have various health benefits and will allow for a better quality of PEMF Therapy.


Because we are a local, on-site mobile health service, we have the flexibility to provide our services within the area of Queens, New York. Our sessions take place in the comfort of your own home or office, so there is no need to travel to your appointment. We will come to you! For this reason, we ask that you enter your address during checkout. 

Also, if you choose to have your session take place outside of your home, we are kindly hosted by Genesis Tree Of Life Yoga & Wellness Center in Forest Hills, NY. For this location, you will receive confirmation of your appointment from us within 24 hours. The entrance to the Yoga & Wellness Center is located on Continental Avenue facing TD Bank.

Please note: If you want the session to take place at the Yoga & Wellness Center, please, specify this in the additional comments box during checkout. After purchasing your sessions, you will receive an email confirmation containing a link where you can schedule your appointments. All appointments must be approved. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment start time.